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Default Re: Witness Lee's teaching on women

Originally Posted by Terry View Post
Those with more maturity in life might see the humor in brother Ron's speaking.
I'm not so sure Terry. There is only "humor" among those who have been trained to denigrate spirituality in sisters. Obviously Ron Kangas is accustomed to speaking at the "Men's Club" at LSM, and it just spilled over to a open meeting.

How many marriages in the LC's have failed because we brothers brought these pathetic attitudes home from the "Brothers' Meeting?" Should not Ron Kangas aspire to become a pattern of well-speaking to all the saints? Did not Paul instruct us, "to let no corrupt word out of your mouth, but only what is needful for building up, to give grace to the hearers?" (Eph 4.29) Kangas' flippant remarks here only serve to tear down the moral character in young LC brothers.

Should not Kangas, as chief spokesperson in the Recovery, learn also from Peter to readily "assign honor" to the sisters (I Pet 3.7), that his prayers be not hindered? Witness Lee's footnote 2 for I Peter 3.7 instructs husbands to "appreciate the preciousness, the valuable worth, of the wives, and apportion it, assign it, as honor to them duly and reasonably." Once again it seems that LSM's teaching does not match its practice. I would bet that WL stole this note from some other godly Christian author, and without proper credits, since his practice was at odds with it.
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