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Originally Posted by LifeGoesOn View Post
In all love I say YES, make sure to start this process first. This may take time, but it’s crucial. I am still seeing things that are deeply embedded into my being from decades of LSM programming.

I threw ALL of the LSM materials I had in my house in the trash, including the Recovery Version of the Bible. There may actually be more words by WL in the RV version than those of God Himself! My “understanding” of the Scriptures was based entirely on WL and the LSM. That was my fault for not being a Berean. I believe this is the case for many in TLR.

Seek Him and ask the Holy Spirit to empty you of EVERYTHING that is NOT of God (teachings, culture, behavior, vocabulary, etc.). Ask Him to guide you as you read the Word.

He is faithful and will do it!

“Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass.”

**1 Thessalonians‬ *5:24‬ *NASB‬‬

Thank you for responding! A little while after your post I hesitantly, bravely, and determinedly threw away my Recovery version of the Bible with footnotes. I did keep the Recovery Version I had with no footnotes. Im just having faith that one is a good translation!! I don't want WL's footnotes mixed in though, even if I ignore it- its there. It felt right and may the Lord God have mercy and grace on me if it was an offense. I just don't feel it could be at this point.

Thanks for saying that, it definitely gave me the "push" I needed.

Out of curiosity, would you be interested in explaining what things were "embedded" into you? I'm starting to see things and behaviors of mine (even just in life) that I think were at least introduced or encouraged in the LC. I also think there are similarities with everyone but women will probably have another set of issues, possibly equal in number- but different.

For example (and again, the LC is just PART of the piece of the puzzle that influenced my personality- I do realize that), when your life path is "laid out" for you like it was growing up in the LC in 80's and 90's- for myself, it encouraged a lack of taking control of my own life and I was easily manipulated and influenced by people who didn't have my best interests at heart. Also, the "us vs. them" mentality created a feeling of being an outcast. Which, although was painful, it's ironically helped me in a strange way. However, the process of coming through that was pretty difficult and I'm not sure everyone could have come out stronger for it. With the culture of fear/shame (which arguably, I understand is in many churches), I feel the need to OVER-EXPLAIN myself and CONNECT (can be a good thing, only if its with the right person though!), and its almost like I need VALIDATION to make a choice for my OWN LIFE!!! Now, I understand this is a complicated issue and it's not JUST the culture of the local church and YP work that is to blame for these issues within myself. But, these issues began early on in my life and I can at least recognize that with as much time as we spent with the saints, the environment of group think and influence didn't help me with these issues. I believe they either initiated them or further deepened them. I want to be careful when I say that too because I'm truly not pointing my finger or shaking my first at anyone in particular. I'm saying all this because I want us all TO BE BETTER!!!!! LET'S ALL JUST BE BETTER!!!! I don't know for sure if the Lord's Recovery is a movement that is necessary - I don't. But I just can't believe that it's going to happen in this sort of unhealthy and twisted group think environment.

Want to be a legitimate and respected group of believers and followers of Jesus? Then don't use the same tactics that cults use. Period - end of story.

This isn't flowing well and I'm running short on time and may edit later....I just thought of another issue or mindset embedded in me was the idea that something must be wrong with me if I didn't see or understand the infallible and undisputed teachings of the Living Stream Ministry books. Not just the Bible, the LSM uncovered truths in the Bible. It was VERY clear to me that to even leave the Recovery and be a missionary in Africa would be a LOW way of life- if that missionary was associated with a denomination.

Obviously, I'm talking about my family and my experience in one locality of the local church's in the 80's and 90's. Everyone's family and experience is different but I've also seen so many similarities. That's why I was hoping you could share a little of some of the ways you've "de-programmed" from this mindset. I feel like we might all have similar things to deal with regarding it!
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