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Steelís example is due to his desire to serve as an usher in a service. Consider if he had just begun to learn piano and makes many mistakes when he plays but wanted to start playing piano in the music service. What problem would there be for those in that service to say that he needs to be more proficient before he can play in the meetings? Conversely, say a world-famous pianist gets saved and begins to meet. He considers the piano playing subpar and insists on playing, because in his mind he would uplift the meeting when he jazzes up the music. Those on the service do not want jazzed up version which would draw attention to the piano player and not the Lord and they know that this newly saved believer has yet to enter into many of the experiences delineated in the words of the hymn and thus his playing would lack the depths and would be a detriment to the meeting. In the newly saved oneís mind, this is not justified. Can a service have standards that may or may not be justified in those wanting to enter it?

A brother with a beard can have a beard but if he is in Austin (sovereignly arranged by the Lord) and wants to be in the ushering service, then he needs to have that conversation with the Lord. If the Lord wants him on the ushering service, He will provide the way if the brother keeps talking to Him. He will supply the brother inwardly with a confirmation this is His desire in this instance. and outwardly, if itís too expensive, the Lord will have opportunity to meet that need (helping him find a cheaper source for blades, being gifted blades, or more financial means. Or perhaps the Lord desires to touch some aspect of his relationship to money He may use the purchase of blades as an entry point. Again, who knows?), all of which strengthens the brotherís faith and deepens his experience with the Lord.

Many in the the recovery testify of these kinds of experiences. They are part of Godís ongoing salvation. A sister shared that she wore lots of makeup when she began to meet. No one says anything to her about not doing so. She begins to serve the young people. One day she is preparing to help give a lesson to the young people on Christ living in us. She is reading Gal. 4:19ĖMy children, with whom I travail again in birth until Christ is formed in you. There is a reading that says that as a pregnant woman would consider the effect of her diet on her unborn child and adjust it accordingly for the sake of the babyís growth, so we who have Christ in us need to take care of this One in us. At that moment, the Lord spoke to her that she cannot give this lesson with her face full of heavy makeup. She argued with the Lord but having just read that verse and portion, could not argue this was His speaking and desire. In the months following, there was much back and forth with the Lord on the topic. Again and again the Lord showed her that she was enslaved to makeup and in fact had her identity rooted in her appearance. That she could not leave the house without makeup was something the Lord intended to save her from. Through much prayer and pray-reading the word, this sister was saved and was able to not wear makeup publically. She threw away her makeup only to have her mother retrieve it from the trash, testing her further. But finally she was free. Her not wearing makeup was not to conform to a religious standard. It was because she cooperated with the inner operating God who works save her from more than eternal perdition. He did this for her in the context of the local church, in service, and with help from the Word as opened up by the ministry. In the end it was His supply and her obedience that saved her but He used these other factors.

The Lord looked upon the rich young ruler with love as He asked him to sell all he had. The young man could fulfill all the other commandments, so the Lord found the ďone thingĒ he could not do and asked him to do it. The young man went away sorrowing. Donít go away sorrowing. if he had remained with the Lord, the Lord would have saved him from his love of money.
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