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That's awesome. Like what?
I hesitate to answer because I can't do it justice, but I began to be aware of an anti-jewish bias among early Christian writers. Justin's "Dialog with Trypho the Jew" may be a prominent example. Also Cyril of Alexandria. Paul allowed that God had allowed an opening to the gentiles, in his epistles. But some Christian writers apparently went beyond this both in letter and in spirit.

And what followed?

1. The council of Chalcedon. The church's testimony was riven. This opened the way for Islam, etc. Remember, once what we now know as Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Iran all had strong Christian testimony. But infighting erupted and the testimony was lost.

Now, is this related to an anti-jewish bias? I suspect, yes.

2. The church on Pentecost was 100% jews, or nearly so. Eventually it became 100% gentile, or nearly so. Instead of outreach there was isolation.

3. It opened the door for centuries of persecution, misunderstanding, even hatred.

4. The scriptures were minimised. "Oh, that's the Old Testament. Now we live by grace." Ignorance got a free pass.

I could go on but you get my point.

All of the above is tentative, and conjectural. I grew up Baptist and never even imagined having such thoughts.
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