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Default Re: Spouses in the local church

Originally Posted by Redman View Post
You're correct, that is remarkably rude and really hadn't crossed my mind. Giving my wife her freedom by disolving our marriage has. The more I read the more overwhelming my task seems. My wife tells me the church is now her oxygen and she needs it as often as possible. I suspected and now fear that vacation time with my wife is now can that be ? I have been visiting local congregations and talking to pastors for the first time in many years hoping to find some answers. I bought a Bible and have said some prayers, hopefully I will see some light at the end of the tunnel soon.
If your wife is not taking care of her relationship with you by giving you the time and attention you deserve as a spouse, then she is in the wrong.

I would simply tell her that you need to have a serious talk with her and tell her that your marriage cannot work if she puts your marriage as a distant second to her church life. Tell her you respect her need to have a spiritual life, but to relegate your marriage to second place to the LRC is a kind of spousal abuse.

Also, ask her if she really thinks God is going to bless her neglect of you. And ask her if she thinks she is going to win you over to her beliefs if she neglects you.

Sadly, this shows how the LRC disregards people and relationships. It's dead wrong. Your wife needs to seriously change and apologize. I admire you for trying to hold your marriage together.
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