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Default Re: Spouses in the local church

Thank you for your replies. I must admit to all that it has been a long time since I've had any spiritual feelings ( Catholic, long ago ) and I know this lack of spiritual leadership has helped to put my marraige where it is today. I intend to explore my local devotional options as part of my new mission. As for the suggestions I've received....I don't really have biblical knowledge so I can't quote any marraige related verses; any help here would be appreciated. I don't know anyone locally who has left the LC who I could counsel with. Sadly, the primary LC elder ( leader, in my opinion ) has actually been in the background encouraging my wife to make her stand, knowing full well that this could easily trigger a divorce response from me; he, along with his wife are ready to give her the support she would need to continue her life without me. This, of course, defies any Christian teachings that I'm aware of and yet my lovely wife is unable to see through the fog. So, as always, any suggestions are welcome.
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