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....But Brothers and Sisters, do you believe that modern Israel is the Israel of the Bible? Do you believe that the real Israel is ALL of Israels (Jacobs') sons? Do you know that the religious Jews of today understand that they are NOT Israel, and that they are actively seeking the Lost Tribes themselves (this story is covered quite regularly in their own news - through the matrilineal RNA of Rachel (found in the mitochondrial RNA)- they are seeking to identify descendents of Jacob - all in order that THEY might fulfill the prophecies spoken of.

When understanding end times prophecies, Christians are quick to run headlong into the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ: But there are three problems with this:

1) This is a book of the revelation of Jesus Christ as given to Him by God, "made known by signs" Revelation 1:1. In other words, we know when we read of the great Dragon or the harlot in Revelation, that God is showing us a picture of a thing, but not the thing itself. We do not expect a literal dragon to rise up against us or to attempt to devour the woman. How is it then that we can so certainly proclaim that the Temple which is only eluded to is a real Temple made of stone, and not the Temple of which Christ Himself spoke? If it is, how do we explain God changing His mind on the matter, when He is unchanging?

2) The mystery of these signs, we are told elsewhere in Scripture, will not be completely understood by men until the times of the end. The understanding put forth here has been expounded for generations... does this not disqualify it, since the end has not yet come?

3) In a rush to get to Revelation, going through the Bible the prophecies in the Old Testament (apart from Daniel) are typically left out in the cold. They are viewed as perhaps supplemental to our understanding of the prophecies in Revelation, but not as the key.

I contest that the prophecies of the Old Testament are where we ought to begin in understanding the mind of God (so much as we are able to, in any case); and that Revelation - being the final book on the matter - ought to be the final book we consider.

Discussing these topics is only truly edifying if it gives Glory to God. I want to Honor Him in such a way. Can we read the book of Hosea together? This is a book that speaks volumes about this subject. I would suggest that to do so, we start another thread....

....I have to get back to work! Lord, if only I had more time to spend in Your Word!

In Christ, your friend -

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