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Originally Posted by aron View Post
Thank you for making it O So Clear. I think you have a long and distinguished career ahead of you as a Lee translator. "Witness Lee for the Dummies", aka the Mooing Cows who didn't immediately grasp the great man's impeccable logic.

Let me suggest a subtitle: "Everything is Everything". Makes it that much easier for the feeble minds out there. The Father is the Son who is the Spirit, who is [at] the Cross, the Altar, as a Man, which is the Tree of Life, which is the Throne! And it's all at the center of the Universe!!

And since I'm a Man, I'm also the Father (not in the Father-hood, mind you) and since you're also the Father, you and I are one: I'm Evangelical and Evangelical is Aron. You and I are one just as Jesus is one with the Father, fulfilling the prophecy in John 17:21.

So easy, neat and simple. (I feel a song coming on.) No wonder Christianity waited 2,000 years for someone to wrap it all up in a slogan or two. Couple of bullet points - training outline - ta da! (Not everyone can do this, you know.) Keep up the good work. You'll go far with this one.
I know you are being facetious but you've touched on the matter of Christ and the Body being one, and believers being one with the Father through Christ. These are all solid scriptural ideas. So what you say is not exactly wrong.

I once read a story of a man, an unbeliever, who died and saw the spiritual realm. In the spiritual realm he saw streams of light connecting all living things and flowing from God. So I think there is some metaphysical reality behind all these things, that people are connected in some way. Animals also exhibit some sort of invisible connection with humans and other animals as well, somehow they know or sense things. How else to explain the sixth sense or gut feeling that many people have when their friend or family is in trouble? There's lots of things that science can't explain but the bible can.
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