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Default Re: The Center of the Universe

Thank you for making it O So Clear. I think you have a long and distinguished career ahead of you as a Lee translator. "Witness Lee for the Dummies", aka the Mooing Cows who didn't immediately grasp the great man's impeccable logic.

Let me suggest a subtitle: "Everything is Everything". Makes it that much easier for the feeble minds out there. The Father is the Son who is the Spirit, who is [at] the Cross, the Altar, as a Man, which is the Tree of Life, which is the Throne! And it's all at the center of the Universe!!

And since I'm a Man, I'm also the Father (not in the Father-hood, mind you) and since you're also the Father, you and I are one: I'm Evangelical and Evangelical is Aron. You and I are one just as Jesus is one with the Father, fulfilling the prophecy in John 17:21.

So easy, neat and simple. (I feel a song coming on.) No wonder Christianity waited 2,000 years for someone to wrap it all up in a slogan or two. Couple of bullet points - training outline - ta da! (Not everyone can do this, you know.) Keep up the good work. You'll go far with this one.
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