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Default Re: The Church in Sardis prefigures the Protestant Reformation?

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
The "true meaning" of the English word heretic is not entirely defined by its etymological source, in this case the Greek word hairesis.

All dictionaries confirm what I am saying about heresy.
I wonder what Witness Lee's definition of 'christless' was. Did he give one? Did he have an objective referent? Or was this the "so subjective" Christ within him, and enabling him to compare his portion with others?

Jesus continually taught the disciples to take the last place. Paul confirmed this by urging us to think of others more highly.

Those who thought of themselves great on earth will not be great in heaven. Those who are great in this age will not be great in the age to come. Those who point out how 'christless' other believers are, are in danger of the same judgment on themselves.

With what you judge others, you will be judged. Lee gave free reign to his subjectivity in making such sweeping statements. I daresay it's unwise to follow.

Just my two cents.
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