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Default Re: The Church in Sardis prefigures the Protestant Reformation?

It's not up to LC to authoritatively determine who's alive or not. Let scripture show who's living and dead.

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
Generally Reformed churches are more about theology than the person of Christ.
Many highly exalted Christ for the glory of God. Solus Christus! Think about the Puritans. I didn't come to embrace reformed theology just to be large-headed, off-balance, callous, hard and proud, but to see and savor the glory of God above all! That's what drove me into it. God-centered. But for the LC, they keep on saying, "We don't care for doctrines." Therefore, there is no need to diligently study the Word of God.

For example, many believe the gifts of the Spirit ceased when the bible was written etc. Many don't acknowledge the person of the Spirit at all.
Most cessationists believe that God can and still does perform miracles today, but not through men and not some gibberish vain talking.

Every believer has Christ and is going to heaven don't worry about that. Christless does not mean unsaved.
But they will take a summer class in dispensational discipline for not standing on the ground of oneness.
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