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Default Re: How many is "a church"?

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
In a recent post where you wrote:

If you and two brothers excommunicated me because "you wanted to" would indicate that you were not gathered together in the name of Jesus.

This is a strange thing to say because two or three people would normally gather together when they wanted to for a particular purpose and this would be sufficient. My understanding of your teaching is that any two believers anywhere in the world can come together in the name of Jesus and decide about anything and it shall be done for them based on Matt 18:19 which says if two or three agree about anything it shall be done.

So I wonder why you denied this when it concerns myself and other local church members, given that we are not meeting in the name of a denomination but the name and person of Christ.

Logically it does not add up that just any two could decide about anything. Some qualifiers need to be added and you seem to have added restrictions about what meeting in the name of Jesus does or does not mean.
There is nothing strange about this. To be gathered into he name of Jesus indicates you are acting one with what Jesus wants. My statement that you did this "because you wanted to" indicates that the prime mover is you, not Jesus. You are not one with the Lord, you are acting according to your own self interest and then covering the whole thing with a cloak claiming "in the name of Jesus". This is using the Lord's name in vain and is a sin.

Once again your "logic" is simply a form of you justifying your lies.

My statement that "this indicates you are not meeting in the name of Jesus" clearly proves your statement that "you denied that myself and two others could meet in the name of Jesus and excommunicate you" in post #130 is a lie. Instead of apologizing, repenting, admitting fault you continue to justify yourself.

Satan disguises himself as an angel of light, but he is a liar and the father of lies. Claiming that you meet in the name of Jesus yet lying and being the father of lies simply indicates that it is the synagogue of Satan.
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