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Default Re: What Exactly Does a Believer Follow?

Originally Posted by A little brother View Post
Interesting. You knew the context was about seeing evil in all things LC-related. I hope you are not switching context here because the discussion has been in the context of seeing evil in all things LC-related.
I'm going to suggest that you take a bit more time to consider this matter... As in your speaking above you have again spoke in absolute error...

To help you with this... Let me repeat what I said in response to your first comment regarding what you erroneously said/suggested I spoke...

"...Now... Just to be clear... This is what I actually said...

"So, no, Koinonia... It's not a matter of "see no evil"... It is a matter of upon seeing evil, what are we to do... And on that... Scripture is very clear. . . . Always... Always... Turn to scripture."

See... I didn't actually say/mention anything about "...seeing evil in the church..."... And just for future reference... It would be a good practice to speak what people actually said... That way you cannot be guilty of speaking falsely."

I'm really not sure what is unclear to you in my above speaking, A little brother.

But... And I am clear regarding this but...

I notice that you have changed your speaking a bit... And are now saying... "...You knew the context was about seeing evil in all things LC-related..."

First you said/suggested that I said "...seeing evil in the church..." . . . And now, after I pointed out your error to you, you said in your above quoted speaking... "...You knew the context was about seeing evil in all things LC-related."

And again, just as in the first instance... You're in error.

Honestly... Based on your confused speaking, I wonder if you've even read my related comments in the Billy Graham thread.

A little brother... Go back and read all of my realted comments in the Billy Graham thread... Then come back and hopefully write a comment that is not based in and out of your erroneous conclusions.
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