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Default Re: Witness Lee Theatrics

What we are dealing with is a metaphor. Jesus used them a lot. Metaphors should be taken as metaphors and not as "literals". Taking a metaphor as a literal can be dangerous. Take for example Martin Luther and his views regarding transubstantiation. "Take eat this is my body" was not meant to be taken literally anymore then "pluck out your eye and throw it from you". Yet we see a very wise and educated Luther siting before others repeating this metaphor over and over, as if this could prove that it was to be taken as a literal.

Witness Lee took this one step further and fell into another kind of error - he made a metaphor out of a metaphor. "Hallelujah eating Jesus is the way!". Jesus never said this and neither was this taught by the early apostles. Jesus said "I am the Way" - NOT "eating me is the way". So we all kind of bypassed "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life" and went straight to "We have found the way to live by Christ, pray his Word and call his Name!" Of course many of us now know that this is not the way to live by Christ at all. (but this is an argument for another day)

In my view, taking a metaphor literally (Luther and transubstantiation) can be dangerous and so can making a metaphor out of a metaphor (eating Jesus is the way).
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