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Default Re: Witness Lee Theatrics

Originally Posted by countmeworthy View Post
I remember someone telling me about that incident as well.

I am guessing Anaheim Anaheim, Ohio.

What I want to know is what translation he tore up. Did Lee ever refer to the RcV as the "Bible" or simply the 'RcV' ? I find it very hard for him to tear up the RcV but not hard to believe he tore up the KJ or NASB which were the two translations used in the 60s/70s.

Does anyone know ?
It wasn't an RcV. It was before the RcV. Prolly KJV .. but don't know for sure ... the translation wasn't the point. Lee meant the Bible, all translations.

And nice to hear from you CMW .... hope all is well with you. Hope & pray yer RA is under control ...
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