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I visited the homeless thing tonight. The brother and his wife hosted a movie "Ring the Bell" and about 20 people were there. Before the movie the brother preached a 3 minute homily and after the movie the sister preached a homily. Then they prayed with several of them. The grounds used to be an old prison so the movie was shown in what was going the prison chapel. There was no food, just snacks. There were areas on the ground where tents were set up. There was a mix of people at the movie. Mostly older, white and male. But there were blacks and females. Some looked intelligent others looked slow. These are not good building material according to religion, but I could imagine Jesus being there. The term "the least of these" comes to mind.
I think the brother and sister were providing Christian or church care for folks that had no way to travel to a church and enter into middle-class church life. They don't have cars, some have bikes. I'm glad that some are burdened for the college age and that some care for the so-called "losers".
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