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Default Re: How Much To Throw Out?

The ground of locality as a doctrine is a big problem since all it does is basically divide and/or conquer. Look at what happened in the early assemblies in New York. After Stephen Kaung could not accept the doctrine of the dirt because he felt it was divisive, WL and company just took over, working on certain individuals and possibly relatives (If I recall correctly) to achieve their take-over. This same scenario played out in India when local churches sprang up apart from LSM. They began to infiltrate and take-over. Again, when their legalistic or unethical policies caused division in one of their former business churches, they practiced this same evil. Please show me otherwise. I don't think that WL got it right on the ground issue. It does not bear fruit of the kind that would be pleasing to the Lord. Any more proof would be the authors of "ground" confusion themselves: The Exclusive Brethren. All these have failed. So where is the blessing?
I have not seen or read of any such thing in the assemblies of brother Kaung, another co-worker of WN. They are very sober and on guard against man-worship and legalism. Possibly due to the fact that Stephen had the opportunity to examine it for decades seeing this trend both in WN and WL. This is what the evidence shows! We are allowed to use our minds and examine each fruit. If I'm wrong I stand to be corrected but we do not have to accept things blindly.
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