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Default Re: Move to Los Angeles

One thing I remember, which was spoken on the tape but not sure if it was printed, was a question Bro Lee asked. He asked the attendees what was the difference between the Old Man and the Natural Man? No one responded. He then said the Old Man does not like to pray, to fellowship, to read the word, etc. but the Natural Man thinks he's quite capable of doing all of them very well.
Seems a lot like more of the creation of terms for the lexicon. Differentiating things in ways without any real substance.

Sounds good. But what does it really mean? Did he do much more than say that little bit? Did it tie into anything? Or just something almost like an aside?

So the Old Man doesn't, but the Natural Man thinks he is good at it. What does that mean? That he really isn't? Do the uses of "natural man" in the Bible support such a statement or is it more like a variation on the Old Man? On our being the way it is without Christ. Seems that the Old Man and the Natural Man are essentially identical. Neither is the regenerated man.

Sorry for getting skeptical. But there are just too many "wow" sounding things from Lee that in hindsight I have not been able to determine there was any substance for. Just a statement that something is so. That this is that (no support) and this is this (no support).
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