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Default Re: Nullification of the function of the body members

Originally Posted by aron View Post
One real weakness in my argument is that I can't quote you chapter and verse from some WL speech or book where he said, "In Christianity, the function of the members of the body has been nullified". But I heard it often... it was part of his "Christianity is pitiful" mantra.
I did a Google search and found a WL quote, from page 264 of "Bearing Remaining Fruit" (1984):

"The way of Christianity is first to completely nullify the function of the members of Christ. Second, it is to thoroughly abolish the strength of the activity in the Body of Christ, causing every member of the Body to be bound."

In this section, WL was speaking about gospel-preaching in Taiwan in 1949. From this basis, he made a statement about 'Christianity' 35 years later, and which his acolytes would probably still claim as valid.

I'm sure I could pull up a dozen such quotes. I heard this theme all the time.
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