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Default Re: Nullification of the function of the body members

Originally Posted by ZNPaaneah View Post
That wasn't my experience. .
Of course it wasn't your experience. I used a gross oversimplification (my forte, I know). But I think it plays into my point about WL's characterization of 'Christianity' having 'nullified the function of the members of the body'. I think quite a few (millions?) of the members of the body meeting with 'Christianity' could reply to WL, "That wasn't my experience."

Originally Posted by ZNPaaneah View Post
Who said it was superior?
WL did. That was the thrust of the 'pitiful Christianity' theme. WL was presenting us with a superior mousetrap. Supposedly, in his system, the members of the body functioned, unlike elsewhere. My thesis is that his characterization of 'pitiful Christianity' was grossly in error, and at the very least what shortcomings were and are in 'Christianity' could be applied as well to his vaunted 'local church life'.

WL in this instance reminds me of the guy who begged for forgiveness when found short, then turned around and started choking his neighbor who owed him. See e.g. Matt 18:21-35.
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