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Default Re: Nullification of the function of the body members

Originally Posted by ZNPaaneah View Post
LRC was very strong to restrict the function of the talented members. No one could publish or start a ministry apart from LSM without being labeled as rebellious, and booted out. So what was taught as a way to get pew sitters to function really became a fig leaf to hide the fact that there was only room for one minister. The function of the saints was stifled with this excuse.
This is what I was trying to get at. The function (i.e. "ministry") of one of the gifted members (WL) was allowed to subsume the functions of all the rest. And we were told to function, but only in the manner prescribed by the uber-minister WL. Actually your word -- 'restrict' -- was used quite often, as I recall. It was presented as synonymous with 'the cross', something we needed to receive, per Jesus himself. And to top it off, all of this was compared with WL's straw man of 'Christianity' where "the functions of the all the members of the body have been annulled." As they say, LOL.
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