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Default Re: Nullification of the function of the body members

Originally Posted by OBW View Post
I The problem too often is that "functioning" of the members is gauged almost entirely in terms of speaking in the meetings...I would suggest that the problem with "nullification of the function of the body members" is more a matter of misinterpretation of the meaning of the function of the body members than being nullified. I would agree that within the teaching of the LRC, that is exactly what is happening. But it is based on faulty teaching that it is speaking in the meetings that constitutes functioning of the members of the body. That is not an established fact, but an unsubstantiated assumption.
I completely agree that the whole idea of functioning as a member of the Body being tied exclusively to what someone does in a meeting is a faulty teaching and puts undue pressure on people to publicly speak regardless of their personality, etc. Those who are naturally extroverted and/or comfortable speaking in public become the "heros" of the church as if that is some sort of sensible measuring stick. Not to mention what they are speaking in the LC system is nothing but the endless repetition of Witness Lee and his BB.

I have been to several churches where IMHO the idea of functioning members of the Body is much better understood and practiced than what is done in the LC system. I recall one example when a teacher/pastor/elder: "Said if the Lord puts something on your heart to do you should do it. If you need help with manpower or finances or prayer of whatever just come to us and fellowship and we'll see what we can do." Then he gave an example of a woman in their church that wanted to help the poor in the community by opening a food bank and kitchen. So she did. She registered it as a non-profit ministry and launched it. And the church quietly helped her get it up and running. Isn't this functioning as a member of the Body? And this is just one example. There are many more.

BTW I've noticed a lot of brothers and sisters who leave the LC system have a hard time relating to other Christians and other churches. I think one reason is the difficultly of getting past the negative conditioning that all places outside the LC are nothing but Babylon. But a close second is the complaint that these places don't let everybody jump up and speak in their meetings like the LC did. Truth be told most churches have home bible studies where people are free to openly speak and share what light the Lord has given them. But more importantly how about you go start a ministry? Reach out to the poor. Go on a missions trip. Write a book. Put a podcast of music together. Do something instead of complaining as if everything is measured by whether or not a church has open mike on Sunday mornings!
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