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Default Re: Nullification of the function of the body members

Originally Posted by OBW View Post
despite one line in 1 Corinthians 14 that has uncertain meaning, functioning of the body of Christ was not found in chapter 14, but in chapter 12...
As an example of WL mediating our seeing the written word, I was introduced to "you can all prophesy one by one" in chapter 14 as an exhortation to get up and speak one by one. But if you look at the context of the chapter, in Corinth they were all trampling on one another, to demonstrate their "spirit". So Paul said, "Calm down; speak one by one."

But WL had another agenda so we got a different take-home message from that.

As for examples of a church designing to have a local conference on something and being overridden by Anaheim, it just demonstrates that the denomination of the LRC (at least the LSM branch of it) is more highly regulated than most other denominations.
Well, at some point you regulate away the Shepherd's voice. Everyone has to make the assessment whether that was the case here. I saw what I saw; everyone else has their own testimony.

And I'm not saying WL didn't have a point vis-a-vis his own denominational experience. I just think he recollected a splinter, or a twig, and missed a beam or a branch right in front of him.
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