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Default Re: Nullification of the function of the body members

Originally Posted by aron View Post
Let me give an example, and propose an alternative, which I see clearly presented in God's word. My example is a typical weekend 'conference'. What would happen is 2 or 3 'co-workers' would come by from Headquarters and give a series of messages. All the 'saints' from the various 'localities' would gather at one church building and listen. Usually it was Friday and Saturday night, and then Sunday morning. So there would be 3 or 4 meetings with a common theme. After each message, all the saints would get an opportunity to speak. Often they would only get a minute and somebody would bang a note on the piano if they went over their time. And the 'sharing' was supposed to be just repeating, verbatim if possible, what the co-worker had just said. Often the sharing was simply 2 or 3 saints who would chant a line together from the outline, then say, "amen!" with raised fists and sit down. Is this functioning? A robot could do that, or a tape recorder, which is exactly what we were told to be, more than once. Just enthusiastically repeat the word from Big Brother and sit down.
First, this forgets the 2-3 hours in the car each way to this conference, some of the best fellowship of the weekend. It also forgets that we took (or gave) hospitality with the saints, another excellent opportunity for fellowship and spiritual service. Although it is true many testimonies were repetitious, especially when quoting footnotes came into vogue, that however was never the "goal". The sharing was supposed to be related to the topic, particularly the verses covered. However, personal testimonies that were "on point" were often very well received and also very often given extra time as needed. This was true at the trainings as well. I remember one testimony from some new brother who had preached the gospel in the afternoon after hearing the message that brought the house down. However, this form of testimony required a genuine experience of Christ, as the experiences dwindled the amount of rote testimonies increased. I don't see how this can be compared to Christianity, as the common saw goes, "even a fool appears wise if he keeps his mouth shut".

To me the secret to a successful meeting is to experience Christ. If you do that and you are in a training with 2-4,000 it can be fantastic, just as if you were in a home meeting with 10 or 12.
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