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Default Re: What Exactly Does a Believer Follow?

Originally Posted by leastofthese View Post
Hey Drake - what was it that I said that made you feel this way?

No effort to understand? No grace? Deceived?

I'm confused. I have no reason to unload, I have no ammo...

Ill try answer it this way. You used some unkind words but, rather than focus on those entirely, let’s get down to the heart of the matter. In post 13 you said

At the very least, those participating on this forum and those lurkers can read Steel's words and see all six fingers pointing back to him alone. It is truly a sad thing to watch.”

This is an obvious switch move on your part to counter what our brother Steel has said several times on this forum about pointing fingers at others and three pointing back at the person doing the pointing. Only you’ve doubled down with 6 fingers pointing back at Steel but that doesn’t negate or counter his main underlying point. It seems you are just trying to pin him in the same way you think he has pinned you without addressing the underlying point.

Steel didn’t say it exactly like this but having considered his mention of this finger pointing several times I believe there is a crucial matter at the heart of this and I will put it in my own words as the Lord has been speaking it to me. That is, that Satan’s strategy against us as brothers and collectively as the church is to accuse us and the brothers. Accusing the brothers is how he gains strength and power. Accusing the brothers is how he grows from a serpent to a dragon (Rev 12). Through the Lords accomplishment we have redemption but we also have the blood to combat Satan’s accusation. We overcome him first by the blood of the Lamb. When the blood is embraced the accusation cannot stand. Both cannot coexist. When accusations fly against the brothers the blood is being ignored. When the blood is applied the accusation will fail. I do not believe any of us in this forum want to aid and abet Satan’s accusation, and yet all too often we find that scenario being played out. In comes a forum newbie and he calls it out and yet his calling it out cannot be considered falling into the same trap because he is calling out a pattern of behavior. He is not immune from falling into the same error but calling attention to it not the same. I objected to your recent posts because they include characterizations of a brother in terms of “ depravity,” “ loveless, “ “ lifeless.”.. and though you may see it that way there is no distinction on accusations whether they be with or without cause as they are all under His precious blood.

After Satan, the accuser of the brothers, is cast down then the kingdom of the world becomes the kingdom of Christ. Satan accuses to hold onto power and the church applies the blood to gain victories one accusation after other, day by day, to bring in the kingdom of God. I think Steel had the vantage point being new and saw it from a fresh perspective.

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