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Default Re: What Exactly Does a Believer Follow?

I would love to be able to give all the comments in this thread a huge THUMBS UP like... As, for me... The speaking in the comments so far have absolutely expressed life... Divine life... The life that is our Lord Jesus Christ.

This, for me, is the content of the reality that builds the body of Christ... Speaking in and out of our experience of Christ... Whether it be, in our partial view (we see in part) positve or negative... For me, to live is Christ... And to die to self is gain.

It's taken twenty years for the Lord to get me to this point... And I have a long way to God... But thank You, Lord... For keeping me in You, and causing me to be one who is, to one degree or another, according to the supply of grace You have measured out to me... Walking in You more and more each day.
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