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Default Re: Promoting Reading the Publication of the Ministry Among the Saints

Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
Don’t forget that in their own words, LSM calls this current book drive a promotion. If LSM books are everything they are claimed to be, then why do they need to be promoted? Why do people need to be pressured to read them? Books that people actually want usually sell themselves. Go on Amazon and look at all the top selling Christian books and Bibles. People actually pay money to purchase those. The LCM struggles to give away the RcV for free.
I don't know if they still do it now, but a one time a particular tactic to promote the publications would to say if you want to be an overcomer, you need to get into the ministry.
Perhaps after a number of years and an unseemly number of dollars spent on books coming out left and right, some people saw through the façade? Others might say, why am I pretending? Buying books never read only to collect dust in their garage, bookshelves, closets, etc.
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