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Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
LSM books are readily available to read online and purchase on places like amazon for anyone who wishes to do so, not to mention all the vast collections of books LC members already have. So if people aren't reading them, it's not a lack of availability or a lack of visibility of the books. The market is already saturated, and people are bored with the same old books. These promotions just highlight the reality of the situation.
We should never forget that it is the Spirit who gives life. A book that once was anointed, may not always be anointed, in contrast to God's Word.

LSM's books are not meeting people's needs, and hence have become worse than boring. From spoken messages to Life Studies to Rainbow Booklets to Green Volumes to Crystalization Studies to Blended Rehashings, the same teachings have been reprinted, repackaged, and resold for profit to the same customers. Nothing new, nothing fresh, nothing anointed.

Their people are starving, yet they claim to be stuffed with riches.
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