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Default Re: Promoting Reading the Publication of the Ministry Among the Saints

Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
When you look at the way things are worded, phrases like "boldness to promote the publications" seem to stick out. If WL's ministry is so 'rich', why would it need to be promoted? Why would there be such need to encourage people to read it? By contrast people should be running to it, if it were everything it was claimed to be.
I distinctly remember one training, II Corinthians, where WL unloaded heavy guilt upon all the trainees for insufficiently promoting his ministry, and thus opening the door for opposition voices to be heard across the land. Remember at that time LSM was engaged in lawsuits against Mindbenders and Godmen Thus the problem of being misrepresented by the Christian public was never WL's, because of his own aberrant teachings and practices, but the hearers' inability to properly and adequately promote his ministry as spiritual salesmen or women.

And that's the problem in Lee-land. It's everyone else's problem, but not Lee himself, because neither he nor his teachings could be anything but God-ordained and Spirit-anointed. And that includes such notables as LinKo, DayStar, and tennis rackets. At least the Papal Infallibility Doctrine was limited to matters of faith or morals. Lee's Infallibility in practice also included his two sons, Timothy and Philip.
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