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Default Re: "Promoting Reading the Publication of the Ministry Among the Saints"

As I see it, LSM is definitely taking a big risk by doing what they're doing. LC members sacrifice vacation time and money to attend trainings based on a perception that by traveling to Anaheim, they will be part of the "up-to-date speaking." They feel that nothing else could be a better use of time. As such, there is already the understanding that the training will be used to release the latest 'burden', so I think they are more or less prepared whatever the latest thing is that LSM is trying to sell or pressure people with. The real issue, however, is how well they can sell their gimmicks and make it seem legitimate. When I attended the semi-annual trainings, it was in the mid-2000s and they were talking about the GLA quarantine and the “one publication.” It seemed reasonable that they wanted to 'warn' everyone about the problem, so I didn't read too much into it at the time. I did question the relevance of what was being spoken, as I had no clue to any of the people involved in the scuffle, but I didn't question the larger relevancy. I just assumed that most others knew things that I didn't (but I now seriously doubt that this was the case).

At any rate, the point I'm getting at here is that by using their trainings and conferences to promote gimmicky things, LSM risks alienating some of those who would otherwise attend. Before I had any LC-specific concerns or came to this forum, I stopped attending the LSM trainings. It wasn't because I didn't want to go and be part of the 'environment', it was because I realized that there was little point in attending. I realized that I didn’t need to hear all the special ‘fellowship’ that seemed to make it’s way into the trainings. Also, I realized that the church would eventually cover the material from the training anyways (in the HWFMR). Eventually, I came to realize that the material being covered was also questionable, but that wasn't what initially prompted me to avoid the trainings, it was the way the time was being utilized.

I would suspect that at least some LC members get frustrated over such things. It's kind of a slap in the face to get confronted with a sales pitch after paying an exorbitant training fee + flight + hotel (I recall that LSM started limiting who they would provide hospitality for). I think LSM is walking on thin ice with what they're trying to do. But that is their problem, not anyone else’s problem. For so long, they have been disdainful towards any notion that there would cease to be an unwavering demand for what they have to offer. Now that interest is waning in a noticeable way, the LSM is scrambling to find a solution. It seems they are willing to take risks.
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