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Default Re: Comments on The One Publication by Philip van Dijk

The fact that Lee tried to lead the "Recovery" proves the "Recovery" was just his movement. The "Recovery" is not God's move. If it was, no one would be trying to lead it but God.

Note the history of the "Recovery" as told by Lee: God raised up people in his good time to "recover" certain truths. But in all instances prior to Nee and Lee, these people did not consider themselves in some special move. They were simply following the Lord. But as Nee came along and especially with Lee, they began to presume to represent God's move and even to have some say in its direction. The "Recovery" thus became self-conscious and self-directing. Put simply, men presumed to take control of it.

Whether God's move was ever embodied in the "Recovery" prior to Nee and Lee is really not the point. The point is once Nee and Lee presumed to be it and to lead it they reduced whatever it was to simply their own movement. And that's what the "Recovery" is today, nothing but a movement of human beings. Do they have God's presence at some level? Sure, as do thousands of other collections of Christians.

God continues to move, of course, as he always has, completely unobligated to play by Lee's rules or anyone else's. He who sits in the heavens shall laugh, at me, you, Lee, and anyone else who gets too big for their britches.
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