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Default Re: Comments on The One Publication by Philip van Dijk

Originally Posted by aron View Post
And when God's so-called oracle is given untouchable status, the basis of the interpretation as being culturally-mediated seems quite clear.
One thing that always strikes me about the people in the LCM is that the way they use the term "Lord's Recovery" in an equivocating manner. Sometimes, apparently, without even realizing it.

Van Dijk brushes up against this insight but never quite gets it.

On the one hand Lee talked about the "Recovery" as if it is God's pure unique "move." On the other hand he talked about it as something he (Lee) should be able to control like a captain controls a ship. Certainly there is no precedent in the NT age for anyone to be given such power. Even Paul didn't have it.

It's one thing for a leader to presume to direct his church or ministry, it's a completely different thing for him to presume to direct God's very move. God's move is God's alone. He alone leads it and is entitled to change its direction, to appoint other representatives, to bless ministries, to raise up workers from stones, to inspire new insights--all without our counsel or even notifying us.

So for Lee or anyone else to say the "Recovery" should do this or the "Recovery" should do that is simply to verify that the "Recovery" is not God's move but rather simply an organization of human beings.

Van Dijk like many LCMers, despite his insights, still seems confused about this.
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