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Default Re: "Promoting Reading the Publication of the Ministry Among the Saints"

Originally Posted by Igzy View Post
This is the dark side of declaring "Christianity" as "fallen, divided Babylon." If people don't think there is anything really positive there they can't get help there. They get stuck in limbo. Some never break out of it.

There will be an accounting for all these damaged people. Somebody will be held accountable. Lord help us all.
It is a thought provoking discussion and there could be several possible reasons.

I don't agree with generalizations but I don't dismiss the anecdotal out of hand either. I have some of my own, for instance, there is a higher dropout rate in America that I don't see in other places. Second and third generation often do not have the life changing experiences that brought their parents or grandparents into the Lords Recovery and still keeps them. The restrictions placed on the children in terms of television, dances, parties, and other activities considered worldly created resentment. Young people today have the lure of the world and ready made accommodation to sin right at their fingertips that we never had to deal with. There were individual situations like Ohio mentions.

I join Igzy in this sincere plea: Lord help us and the young people.

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