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Default Re: "Promoting Reading the Publication of the Ministry Among the Saints"

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
I don't think WL ever sat down and wrote a single book.
It's actually a bit ironic when you really think about it. Virtually all the LSM publications are transcriptions of messages that Nee and Lee gave. Along with WL's Seer, I think Nee wrote several books, though I don't recall which ones they were, but other than that it's virtually all messages.

The thing about a message is it's given to a specific audience. A book is usually written with a much larger audience in mind. When WL traveled to a church somewhere, gave a conference, how do we know those messages were intended to be applicable to everyone, not just to address a need with the church that invited him? We simply have no way of knowing what WL's was intending to accomplish with any given message that he gave.

And I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with producing books that are transcriptions of messages. I think there are plenty of such types of Christian books that can be beneficial. It's just that LSM has transcribed everything spoken into the written form and then published it, as if every single spoken message WL gave is universally applicable. That is mainly what I call into question. When LSM publishes a random book composed of messages WL gave at some point, how do we know that those messages are applicable to us now? Why should anyone feel compelled to read them? By contrast, anyone can go to a Christian book store or go online to Kindle and download a book to read, a book written on a particular topic, meant to address a particular subject, not based on some message given in the distant past.
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