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Default Re: The Church in Sardis prefigures the Protestant Reformation?

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Evangelical. What bothers me most is the overgeneralization argument that Witness Lee made such radical and bias statements that he didn't name specific what those in the reformed churches are that he was referring to. You are implying reformed Christians who are in mainline Protestantism. There are mainline "reformed" institutional churches that are terrible and don't teach correct doctrine. You have to make the distinction that there are many, many churches out there that are reformed in theology and yet alive.

Yet LCers can't determine these distinctions instead believing that all those in the reformed faith are Christless and dead.
Generally Reformed churches are more about theology than the person of Christ. For example, many believe the gifts of the Spirit ceased when the bible was written etc. Many don't acknowledge the person of the Spirit at all.

Mysticism is not the experience of a Christian.
What experience are you referring to then? The apostles, Peter and Paul, were mystics, having dreams, visions and trances.

What about the other men?
R.C Sproul
John Macarthur
Voddie Baucham
James White
Alistair Begg
Todd Friel
Jeff Durbin
Steven Lawson
Every believer has Christ and is going to heaven don't worry about that. Christless does not mean unsaved.
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