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Default Re: The Bible Answer Man Converts to Eastern Orthodox Church!

Originally Posted by Koinonia View Post
I do not forsake assembling together with other believers.

Drake, you make a lot of assumptions about me. You do not know anything about me, with whom I meet, or what "irks" me, or what is in my head. With respect, you seem to be completely ignorant of the endless courting and wooing of Hank Hanegraaff by LC coworkers (taking place until very recently). It had nothing to do with "We Were Wrong" because it lasted for years beyond the publication of "We Were Wrong."

And do you actually believe that it is "attacking the messenger" to discuss Hanegraaff's rejecting the LC to join Eastern Orthodoxy? It has always been a tenuous position for the LC to hang so much of their defense before evangelicals on Hanegraaff's position. It is even more tenuous now that Hanegraaff has left evangelicalism to join Eastern Orthodoxy. Does that not cause you to question his credibility as an apologist at all? And how ironic that Hanegraaff credits his joining Eastern Orthodoxy to his contact with the LC (what he terms "the progeny of Watchman Nee").
Well Koinonia,

Since you don't belong to any group, apparently you are some sort of free Lancer when it comes to assembling together. As such, why do you really care where Hank settles his roots?

You don't.

Therefore, you are simply using Hank's "conversion" as an occasion to ding the local churches. Else you are just engaging in gossip and being a busybody.

Hank's assessment of the local churches has not changed. He has not rejected the local churches in favor of EOC. You are trying to make it sound as an either or decision or a cause and effect. That is a fake news story.

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