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Default Re: Appreciation for the Lord's recovery.

Originally Posted by aron View Post
I agree with your point about recovery/restoration groups. Everything Jesus touches is recovery. How can anyone say that what Jesus touches is limited to their experiences?
The error embedded in the concept of "The Lord's recovery" as a special demarcated entity apart from "fallen and degraded Christianity" has two suppositions which don't turn out to be real.

First, as noted above, they suppose that God can't do much outside of their delineated sphere of "proper local church life". Degradation is outside, recovery inside. Poor, poor Christianity... too poor. That was the line I heard from the podium.

Second was that since we were "[biblically] normal" and "proper" and "genuine" (as opposed to all else), that whatever we did would prosper, a la Psalm 1:3. For evidence of this concept I point to the word that James Barber, one of the "leading ones", told Don Rutledge, when Daystar was proposed. Don't question, just do what you're told (and hand over your cash to son Timothy & Lee's inner circle) and there will be a great blessing.
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