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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
In LC terms, Awoken has been 'shepherded' and 'detoxified' and the 'poison' has been flushed out.. We can sense the extent of the 'love-bombing' carried out
I have always felt that actual personal pain is needed in order to leave the LC's, otherwise their program has sufficient "vaccinations" and "antioxidants" to protect its members from "illness." For many members, the pride of belonging and LC friendships far outweigh any intestinal "irregularities."

The mission of this forum, contrary to any LSM speculations, is not to take down the LC's. That is actually what LSM attempted to do to some Midwest LC's. The mission here is only to provide information and support for those in contact with the movement.

As such, Awoken can "Love it or Leave it." That is his choice, and all of us here are fine with that.
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