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Default Re: My Testimony: Part 2

Hey there,

Yes I can post an update. Sorry to leave you all hanging, I have just always felt a bit awkward posting all my personal business publicly.

I am safe and well. My husband has cooled down quite a bit and I don't believe I am in any danger physically. I was counseled to take legal action after he made some threats concerning the home and our finances. That is still pending.

The Lord dropped a job in my lap just two days after my husband left. My manager is a single homeschooling mother who also left an abusive marriage some years ago. My part time job will allow me to still school my children at home in the mornings, such a blessing.

My church family has been blessing me left and right, with gifts of food and clothing. My pastor fixed my van and gassed it for me as well. I am very happy in my church, they have been yet another proof of the Father's love for me.

My husband has met once with my pastor for counseling but I am unsure if he will continue. He does not trust him, nor anyone for that matter.

I have confidence that the Lord will bring my family through these hard times. I will take it one day at a time. Thank you all for your concern and your prayers.
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