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Default Re: Testimony of an Ex-Donguista

Originally Posted by aron View Post
After the episode of the Warrant I went to the resort to talk to one of the main leaders of the Movement, who lived there (Ezra Ma, the chief marketer of Dong Yu Lan).

Surely it was aware of the thing that occurred there. So I argued with him in front of irregularities, what should be our position?

We should just sit on the 1st row and make clear to the brothers who were approving all that was done?

I told him to all the letters that I would not be Orange Movement, and that if there were any irregular or unethical situation, as such Engineering Company that had the monopoly of the works of EAV, so that the situation be corrected because they do not should expect from me what solidarity was not fair and legal.

He claimed not to know anything, but "the administration of EAV was a kind of black box, the Dong's exclusivity."

I argued that, if so, only after the crash is that we would know its contents. Finally we said goodbye. I think he got the message, they could not "trust" me administrative secrets.
On another thread I was remarking on the similarity seen in the LC, the Shouters, the Lord Changshou sect, and the EL cult:

-Tight operational control;
-And elevating top leadership to a kind of mystical, god-like status.

Ezra Ma's statement that administration of the EAV (the Estancia Arvora Da Vida, the LSM of Brasil) was a "black box", the purview of Dong Yu Lan alone, probably shows an aspect of this kind of group.

In each one of these groups you can make out these themes, or hallmarks, of them all.
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