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Default Re: In a local church only a few months... and now leaving.

Originally Posted by NeedofHelp View Post
She has been feeling a lot of inner turmoil - a lot of trying to please mom and dad in the name of God while also feeling detached from the church. She's never felt that she belongs.

I'm worried she's going to try to change herself and get sucked into this for her life when in her heart she doesn't feel that way.
Hello NeedofHelp.

If your friend feels a belonging in the LC don't try to stop her from going back in. Something in her needs it; maybe it's the structure, maybe that they have all the ready made answers, that simplifies life for her, including with her family. How are you going to oppose that?

So let her dive all in.

If her heart is not in it it won't last. Let her get it out of her system.

And if she stays in the LC that's where she belongs ... even if it makes you sad.
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