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Default Choosing My Own Path

Leaving the Church.

The reasons I left the Church and continue to purge the control they seek over their members could be an endless debate; explanations and defensive hurt feelings could circle like a plane waiting to land in bad weather, if I were to engage in playing the game of wanting to prove I am right. I am not going to get into the details, neither am I going to insult and hurt the people that gave me one of my most cherished memories to date, “truly loving the Lord”, and I still do love the Lord.

My honeymoon with the Lord and the church life was paramount, I guarantee it. But, as the reality of what I had to give up in order to continue the church life came to light, I chose to leave instead. I was slowly losing my identity, my quirky ways of thinking and feeling where being taken over by someone else’s feelings and ways of thinking. Their priorities became my priorities. After all we were one in The Church.

We all have choices to make in life, are entitled to be one and in complete harmony which whom and what we chose to be in harmony with. This is my message. All of the theologians, defenders of the church and anyone who cares to dispute this fact, is living in fear. This is the fear that I chose to not be a part of.

I have found a spiritual place where we are all accepted for who and where we are in life. Life is no longer a series of critical judgments of myself and others. I am now filled with a desire to be at peace with the world and everyone in it. Even those who dispute my choices, I love you. You are precious and living according to your heart and that is all that matters. Please make room for me in your heart, without judgment or fear, and embrace my quest for us “all” to be in harmony.

Your sister in Christ who has found her own voice, the one that God gave me…
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