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For those who are curious to find a "people's history" of the Local Churches of Lee, i.e. not polished messages by the publishing arm of the movement but real testimonies from the ones who sat in the chairs, there was a fairly active forum on a web site located in the Philippines.
Here is another testimony,

Greetings saints,

My name is Don and

I'll keep it short because it's not about me it's about Christ Jesus.

I was born and lived in California for the first eight years of my life. When I was around 6 years old my parents found the Local Church in Los Angeles, Elden Hall. We kids were in love as my parents knew as well they had touched something special. My memories of the church life are limited from then but many things did stand out and make an impression on me.

Then, we and other saints migrated to Tampa to help start a new church.
We drove in what we called a camel train with many cars from L.A. to various cities allong the way stopping at various localities to enjoy rest and fellowship with the saints. The saints offered us their beds as they went to work! This experience of the migration left a profound effect on me and I never forgot how the saints recieved us at each locality we stopped at. When we arrived in Tampa we spent roughly two years there and I remember their was not the growth expected so there became a burden for Fort Lauderdale. As I remember it a few saints stayed behind in Tampa but many relocated to Fort Lauderdale. As I was growing up I enjoyed the fellowship of the saints.

Then, " The great tribulation of the Local Churches" began. I'll have to tell you, I was pretty ignorant to what was going on in the whole worldwide scheme of it all because I was just enjoying the simple local church life the way I perceived it. And it was good. Pretty much the best thing going. But as I alluded earlier "TGTOTLC" unfolded.

It was disturbing to say the least. The saints I had come to know and love from the earliest parts of my life were now turning on each other, screaming and pointing fingers at one another! The emotions were so thick you would think at any minute some of the saints would erupt in fists fights. That never happened as far as I know but that is the way it was.

The aftermath:

I remember staying around during those times to be one with the brothers even though my wife had seen enough.

It all came down to two sides as I remember it. Those who would never question brother Lee "The Boca-ites" or us "The Us-ites."

It was a very negative time. As you know they say hind sight is 20/20. Well their right! As I see it now that what seemed to be a negative time was actually a very positive time in our history because it was an "Eye Opener."

Through all of this we can examine letters from brother Mallon and Many others who played a pivotal role in the ongoings of the Local Church. And see with such clarity how the enemy can come in and destroy such a good thing when the saints become comfortable.

Perhaps this is the way it will always be until The Lord descends with a shout and calls us up in His Glory.

But here I am, in Fort Lauderdale actually Tamarac Florida. Still happily married and having one son. Moving on with my life, still loving Jesus, Enjoying Calvary Chapel and walking with my Lord.

One more point please: I don't mean to sound negative at all but you know after the Great tribulation of the local churches here it is the year 2009 and I still know Jesus. I get fed at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, and if I'm still hungry for more guess what? I dive in myself for more! Yum! And life goes on. I guess I was lucky, I wasn't hurt from all of the fall out. I'm not bitter either. I did leave after enjoying such great teaching. With my eyes wide open. And you all know why.

Jesus to the saints,

Don jr.


Make me your brother/buddy and I welcome the fellowship any time.
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