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Default Re: I had a dream.

Originally Posted by seeking1 View Post
Yeah I know what you're talking about, it would be unusual to make it through a conference or training where Titus didn't put someone in the hot seat in front of all the saints. Once, during a session in the home behind Hall 1, I had to endure Titus berating an older brother (to me) who had left the LC years ago but had recently returned. Man!
What a shame! And this was supposedly after TC had "changed" to become a "kinder, gentler, more considerate" brother. Why can't TC rejoice that the Lord had restored the brother? Think about how very few who have left the LC's actually have the grace to return!?! This brother has to be an overcomer. How much did the church pray for the brother to return, only to get beat up by TC?

What do you think would happen to me if I returned after all I have written? Can't imagine the "berating" I would receive. Yet ... I would challenge any brother to point out where my witness was false. TC has been given a free license to abuse brothers for decades. I have never seen another brother or two rise up to defend a brother under attack. Are there any brothers even left for TC to beat up?
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