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Originally Posted by Koinonia View Post
Steel, you will seem more credible when you apply your spiritualization to everyone else outside of the LC. The posture of the LC is consistent--grace toward themselves and righteousness/judgment toward everyone else.
I meet with the local church here in Austin, and though there might be shortness in many areas... Scripture tells us that the comely should make up for the uncomely.

Back in Miami, I once had a brother who had just started meeting with the local church I also met with, say to me that one of the reasons he knew he could meet with us is because one of the elders (pretty much a brother who was kind of looked at as being the head elder) wore cashmere sweaters.

Now this brother who said this to me was quite wealthy, and had a pretty opulent lifestyle... So I kind of got the "cashmere" link... But when he said it to me my first inclination was to put my hand to my face and say "Oh my brother..."... But I didn't... I simply looked at him, smiled, and said "Amen brother."

Was my response "right"... Was it "wrong"... I don't know... I simply tried to do the best I could, and hoped that (and know) the Lord would come in and solve any problem either he had, or I had... Or both of us had.

It's pretty the same today with all that I encounter and participate in.
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