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Originally Posted by Steel View Post
For all intents and purposes I was just told in an usher's meeting that I would have to cut off my beard in order to continue being an usher in the meetings... I've had a beard for maybe ten years or so (on and off... literally)... And I didn't grow it because of "...dignity..." (vanity) as per teh ministry speaking. I simply though blades for my shaver were getting too expensive and I also have a large mole on my cheek which would often get cut as I shaved, so I made up my mind th just grow a beard. But here I was being confronted with, although denied as a legality by the elders here in Austin, in my mind being confronted by legalism... Which I am very much against. I hate religion.
Let me throw this out for you, Steel.

Back in 1978 as a new brother in the LC, another brother grew a beard, and came to visit our LC, when the senior worker was in town. As you know, many of the leaders were Chinese, who don't grow beards very well. In the meeting the speaker "out of the blue" told us how someone who grows a beard "must have a cold heart to the Lord." For some 25 years after this event I was convinced that only a true bona fide Christian backslider would even think of growing a beard.

Then I studied the Plymouth Brethren who were our forbears in the Recovery. I purchased a book Chief Men Among The Brethren with 100 short bios and pics. Nearly every one of these British brethren had beards. Shocking! Spiritual men with beards!

Then it hit me. It was all cultural. Nothing spiritual about it. The Brits thought beards were spiritual, and the Chinese did not. Their teachings and practices followed their culture and not the scripture. Even Jesus, Peter, and Paul most probably had beards. Not so in a Chinese cultural church setting!

You must shave your beard off to please the brothers!

I met a LC brother about 10 years ago who had grown a beard. He told me that the Lord told him to grow it. How about that!
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