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Originally Posted by Koinonia View Post
That's fair. If you did not say that, then I apologize.

Originally Posted by Koinonia View Post
Steel, have you ever considered that what is according to Christ may not be in line with Local Church practice, Witness Lee's ministry, etc., etc.? Is that even possible?
Absolutely... Sometimes multiple times a day... And I say this from my own experience... So, at least for me, it certainly is possible.

For all intents and purposes I was just told in an usher's meeting that I would have to cut off my beard in order to continue being an usher in the meetings... I've had a beard for maybe ten years or so (on and off... literally)... And I didn't grow it because of "...dignity..." (vanity) as per teh ministry speaking. I simply though blades for my shaver were getting too expensive and I also have a large mole on my cheek which would often get cut as I shaved, so I made up my mind th just grow a beard. But here I was being confronted with, although denied as a legality by the elders here in Austin, in my mind being confronted by legalism... Which I am very much against. I hate religion.

So what should I do? I waited, making no decision, even while inside of me I struggled with a binch of feeling regarding the matter. Then one day this week, being on the list to usher this weekend, I took it before the Lord again, and this time He simply reminded me of a very precious brother who has very bad hip arthritis buy still serves as an usher. In fact, he heads up the ushers in the district I meet with. Brother Larry was who asked me a few years ago with I could help out with the ushering as some of those who ushered with him had moved to other places. I simply said "yes" to him then... And when the Lord reminded me of the brother this week I immediately knew what the Lord's leading was for... And just said "Amen, Lord" and went and shaved my beard off.

Even as I was shaving my beard off I was coming up with a plan to regrow it during the three weeks between my ushering service (we're in a rotation)... That's how badly corrupted I still am... I said "Amen" to the Lord... And yet was still trying to get my natural human way... Eventually I just smiled at the Lord... How well does He know each of us.

Koinonia... I don't have a clear understanding of myself... How then can I have a clear understanding of what is according to Christ?

I bearly get by each moment of each day.

Originally Posted by Koinonia View Post
Do you assume when you make this kind of statement that the proper result would always be in line with your (the "Lord's Recovery") way of thinking?
I try not to "...assume..." anything anymore... If what I do is in the Lord... Then it's in the Lord... And if what I do is not in the Lord... Then it's not in the Lord... The Lord knows... And will do what is necessary regarding both.

My only response is to believe He will... And trust that what He does/allows will gain me according to His need.
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