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Yeah, there are very few I hear who have all the picture, to be sure! The main thing is to take what there is of Christ from any message from ANY source!

For instance, I can now listen to someone's message and even if they are presenting it in an Old Covenant way (conveying something I must do or live up to), as long as they are at least speaking the word (and not just a bunch of man-made psychology) I find the Spirit can speak through the word to me.

I wish there was a disclaimer at the end of every message that said something like: "Examine the things you have heard before the Lord and be good Bereans in looking at scripture to see if these things are true. And regardless of what you heard, you should not now expect to do or be ANYTHING, except this - a child of God in which the Spirit of Christ is operating - it's only through letting His life operate in you daily that you have any hope whatsoever!"
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