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Smile Glad

I am glad to find this site.
Too bad I did not find it decades ago.

It confirms my worst nightmares regarding the administrative hierarchies in the LC.

That helps.

The control of the appointed elders by WL is new.

Growing up in the church one is taught the light on the scriptures from WL & WN was the best available, the current move of the Lord on the earth today,
the church was to be the bride of Christ, ushering in the New Jerusalem complete with the Millennial Kingdom as a reward to the overcomers, true believers who pursue Christ according to the doctrines espoused.
One could even say the church was the center and meaning of the universe.

It was said all the brothers are equal. All the elders are equal. The bible clearly speaks against the clergy laity system. God hates the practice of the nicolaitans.

The church is open. There are no secrets.

Starting from preschool all the above was accepted without question.

In a recent morning revival, WL is quoted as saying not to make decisions for others, explaining none of us is wise enough to do that.

In one of the trainings WL said the church is not a legislature for making laws, the church is not a judge for passing judgment, the church is not a police force for enforcement. The church is a hospital for healing.

So far so good. Let's do it.

Unfortunately, what they actually do is substantially different from what they say they do.

They do put on a very good front and use effective control techniques.
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