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Default Re: Witness Lee's teaching on women

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
You are just demonstrating my point. You approve of a mysogynist God appointed leader of a country and you seem to ignore all the corrupt words out of his mouth (only Presidential humor right?) Then you act all high and mighty about the "mens club" in the local church and put on a show about caring about how women are treated in the local churches. Since the local churches are so small and insignificant as people say they are.. surely the God-appointed Presidential mens club should be the majority of your concern if you are such a champion of womens rights.
Are not Christan ministers and leaders held to a higher standard?

The Bible says so, and btw, Paul wrote what he did during the reign of Caesar Nero. Not the nicest guy around.

And please keep your hatred of the USA over in Alt-Views.
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